It all begins on Wednesday afternoons when I hear
humming coming up the front walkway.  Rick
Esser has arrived, and the music festival has
When you have three kids taking piano lessons,
having a teacher who comes to your house is a
huge bonus.  Rick's lessons are strong in
fundamentals of piano playing and music theory.
The kids are learning a lot of great improvisational
techniqhes as well.
Rick approaches each lesson with encyclopedic knowledge and good humor.  He works
really hard to make sure that each kid is being taught in a way that inspires them to do better.
Rick is also understanding of real families' lives.  He will reschedule when necessary with little trouble at all.  His primary focus is making sure that the kids get the lessons that help them progress.
Rick also takes care of our antique piano.  He tunes it when necessary; fixes keys, hammers, pads and strings.  He had cleaned out all of the legos, pencils, and dust bunnies too!
Piano Day at our house is filled with laughter and music.  Rick has an effective blend of high expectations and pure musical Joy.  He clearly loves what he does.  His enthusiasm is infectious.  And, as if all that isn't enough, we get to  be home for an entire afternoon, instead of sitting in a waiting room reading old magazines!
Susan Bouwer,
Mother of Tom, Sadi & Ellie

My 12 year old son has just been taking lessons from Rick for a few months and his progress has been phenomenal.  He looks forward to his lessons, and practices on his own several times a day.  Rick's enthusiasm for music and his love of piano is infectious.  He has given my son great pride and confidence in his skills and we look forward to his continued growth under Rick's tutelage.
Lori Hill

It's been 20 years now since I first asked Rick to take care of th;e pianos in the St. Helena School District.  That's quite a long time to get a feel for someones work ethic.  Dependability is one word.  Not once in that 20 years has Rick failed to show up and do his best tuning our pianos.  Of course it took a while to get to know him.  In that time I've learned of his absolute love of music.  I know he has been teaching also and that we share a genuine affection for sharing music with others.
I've been involved in music in St. Helena since the 1970's and many people know me.  When they ask me to recommend a piano tuner, my answer is - Rick.  Everyone is pleased with his work and friendly personality. 
I am pleased to be able to be an advocate for perfectpitchpiano.net AKA Rick Esser.
Make sure to ask for Rick to play for you after he's done tuning your piano.  It's a real treat!
Craig Bond